Is there any way of filtering out only the subscribed content in search results?

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By default, the Sage Journals search feature will return results for all articles or other content relevant to your search, including content you may or may not have full-text access to. What are the options if I wish for our institution's users to only see the content we have full-text access to?

Is it possible to setup my institution's user's searches to filter out content we do not subscribe to, by default?

Answer: No, currently there is not an option to set your user's searches to filter out your unsubscribed content, by default, however you can recommend to your users that they use the "Advanced Search" or "Applied filters" features described below.

How may we use filters to modify search results to only display the content which we have full-text access to?

Answer: You may apply a variety of filters to your search results, buy using the "Advanced Search" or, after running a regular search, you may use the "Applied Filters" options.

An alternate view of the Sage Journals search bar, as seen from all other journal pages. The "Advanced search" link is located directly below the bottom right corner of the search bar.

In the "Advanced search," select the filters you wish to apply. To filter for only content which you have full-text access to, under the "Access type" please select the option. "Only content I have full access to" and then click "Search."

Access type options are all content, open access content only, or only content I have full access to. The radial dial in this example has selected only content I have full access to.

How to use Applied Filters

After you have started a search, either using just the general search bar, or the advanced search, after your search results have generated, please note that you will also find the option to apply other quick filters to your search results. 

For example, on the left side of the page with your search results, you will find links and other filters you may use to further filter your results. You may add filters such as different article types, you may adjust the publication date range, filter for specific subjects, or you can filter by the access type.

As you scroll down, under the "Access" type section, you may then click the links to filter for "Only Content I have Full Access to" or the "Open Access" only filter. 

The access filters showing these two filter options, only content I have full access to and open access.

Please note that the "only content I have full access to" filter will supply results for all articles or content you have full-text access to, which will include both content you or your institution subscribes to, as well as free or open access articles.

You may also remove specific filters at any time by clicking on the "X" next to the filter you wish to remove. Or you may select "Clear all" to remove all filters and to return to the default search results, which will again include content you may not have full-text access to.

The Applied filters examples, where a clickable X appears next to the filters as options to remove. The Clear all link is to the top right of the Applied filters box..

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