SAGE has a partnership with Publons that enables you to quickly and easily receive recognition for the work that you deserve. Publons is a free service that enables you to effortlessly record, verify, and showcase your peer review contributions. Publons records the number of papers you have reviewed for a journal while maintaining reviewer anonymity in accordance with each journal’s review policy. To browse the list of SAGE journals that are integrated with Publons, please visit our database


If you have been asked to review for a journal that is integrated with Publons:

  • You can opt-in to receive recognition on Publons when you submit your review
  • You’ll receive an email inviting you to set up a profile on Publons and claim your review
  • You can choose the ‘auto-add' option in your profile, meaning your reviews for this and any other integrated journals will automatically be added to your Publons profile in the future, with no further action required from you


For any journal:

  • You can set up your profile on Publons
  • You can manually add any reviews completed from throughout your entire career by forwarding your reviewer receipt email to or filling out the online form from your account


For more information about Publons, please see the SAGE-Publons information page or check out the Publons FAQ for reviewers.

For more information about SAGE’s rewards for reviewers, please visit our Reviewer Rewards page.