• Upon the expiry of your customers’ subscriptions you will be emailed a registration link to our online renewal portal.


  • Clicking the link will take you to our portal where you will be able to see all journals that you are the bill payer for that are currently up for renewal at that time. 


  • Select all journals you wish to renew and push these through to checkout. You can push through multiple journals at once for payment. 


  • Select method of payment. You can pay via credit card, bank transfer, or cheque. 


  • Once payment has been received you will be automatically sent a payment receipt. Within 72 hours of this a paid invoice will be sent directly to your email address.

  • The renewals are now processed, and your customers’ accounts are up to date. 





 The payment portal is designed with your convenience in mind. By using the portal, you will:


  • Ensure that all your customer renewals are renewed promptly. Within 24 hours of payment, your customer will have renewed access to their subscription(s). You will quickly receive confirmation via email with no need to follow up. 


  • Increase efficiency. Renewing through the portal eliminates the need for submission via excel, PDF or paper. A link to renew all eligible subscriptions will be emailed to you prior to expiration. In choosing to go paperless you will also aid Sage in our commitment to the environment. 


  • Reduce the likelihood of any duplication of work. In using the portal, all renewals for all your customers will be stored and generated in one easy to access platform. Your employees will no longer be burdened with having to send multiple emails requesting renewals.


  • Gives us a clear and dedicated renewal contact meaning all renewals communication reaches the correct recipient. 



 If you are interested in using our portal to renew your customers subscriptions, please click here to provide us with the contact details of the person responsible for renewals.