Each open access manuscript is citeable using the date of the manuscript's first online posting and the Digital Object Identifier (DOI). DOIs are assigned to all SAGE content for use on digital networks and the metadata associated with that content is registered with the DOI Foundation. DOIs provide a consistent, permanent way to identify manuscripts published in the online environment. 

Some open access journals will still publish ‘issues’ so information such as volume, issue, and page numbers will still be allocated to articles. With continuous publication, where there is no issue or page number, manuscripts should be cited as follows:

David Pauleen, John Campbell, Brian Harmer, Ali Intezari (2015). Making Sense of Mobile Technology: The Integration of Work and Private Life. SAGE Open. DOI: 10.1177/2158244015583859

Each article DOI is registered with CrossRef, allowing permanent resolution to each article and giving publishers the ability to link their references to articles whenever they are cited.