If a member belongs to a society that's UN/PW they must activate their token on our platform before they'll have access to their society's journal entitlements. If the member is struggling to follow the instructions for this activation here ( https://journalssolutions.sagepub.com/support/solutions/articles/7000052232-how-do-i-activate-my-society-membership-  ) then you can activate the token for them.

First, you need the member's membership number and the name of their society. You may need ask for this information. 

For this example the member number is 62468 and the member belongs to NASN - National Association of School Nurses

Begin by going to Access Tokens in Literatum

Stay on the Search Tab and click "Change"

Then click the "Society" tab and search for the society name in the "Description" field:

Then click the Society name you're after, and click "Add":

Paste the member number into the Token Name field and click "Search":

This will pull up the token. Once there, click the "Users" tab.

In the "Users" tab, click the "Add" button.

Then go to the "Person User" tab and search the member by their email address:

From there you can Add or Create them and they'll appear in the "Users" tab for the token.

Once this is done, the access token is connected to their personal account on SAGE Journals. The next time they log on, they'll have access to the society's entitlements. If you want to check your work, find their personal account in Literatum and look in the "Licenses" tab. You'll see the licenses for the entitlements belonging to the society, confirming that their access is live: