If you have a manuscript nearly ready for submission and are unsure which SAGE journal would be most appropriate, you can browse all SAGE Journals and filter your search by discipline or subject, then review the Aims & Scope and Manuscript Submission Guidelines for an individual journal.

You can also use our advanced search feature to find journals with related content to your submission.

The Manuscript Submission Guidelines include information on which types of articles a journal will accept, further contact details for the journal Editor and instructions on how to format and submit your paper.

SAGE also provide a free-of charge author service called SAGE Path where we recommend multiple relevant SAGE journals and provide a transfer link to the most suitable journals. In making a recommendation, our discipline specialists utilize an advanced journal-matching algorithm and take your manuscript’s content, your preferences, and the quality standards and scope of participating journals into account. At present, this service is only available for select journals, for a list of participating journals visit this page.